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How Much South Africa’s Kings, Queens & Traditional Leaders Will Get Paid In 2018

Government has published the official salaries it pays to kings, queens and other traditional leaders in South Africa for the 2018 financial year. After a pay freeze in 2017, the majority of traditional leaders will see their salaries increase between 4.5% and 8%. This is in line with the increases given to ministers, MPs and other senior members of […]

10 Senior High Schools In Ghana Noted For Producing “Bad Boys” Named

Each SHS in Ghana has their qualities and these are a portion of the schools known for creating awful young men. In the event that you’re pondering which schools we could discuss, here are 10 senior secondary schools noted for creating the greater part of the terrible young men in Ghana. 10. Pope John Senior […]

8 Best Schools In Macau In 2017 Ranked

8. Macau Portuguese School The Macau Portuguese School is a private, non-profit Portuguese international school located in Macau, China. It serves grades 1-12, and is located in Sé. The school received funding from the Portuguese government. 7. Yuet Wah College Yuet Wah College, often referred to as Yuet Wah, is a Macau all-boys Catholic preschool through […]

Meet The Real Rich Kids In Ghana In 2017

Rich kids of GhanaYou asked for it and so we went digging!I n the wake of seeking and making an inquiry or two I at last present to you ‘The Real Rich Kids of Ghana’. These guys may not always be on Instagram flaunting their wealth, but most of them are making their money or […]

VIDEO: Best Beaches In Sri Lanka

With a 1,300 km-long coastline, Sri Lanka is not short of stunning beaches. Whether you are looking for secluded stretches of soft, white sand, or beaches to dance the night away, there is surely a beach for you in Sri Lanka. To help you find your own spot of tropical paradise in Sri Lanka, below […]

10 Most Popular People From Sri Lanka You Didn’t Know

10. Pooja Umashankar Pooja Gauthami Umashankar, mononymously known as Pooja, is an Indian-Sri Lankan actress, who has primarily appeared in Tamil films as well as Sinhala, Malayalam and amateur films. She was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 9. Hugh Burden Hugh Archibald Nairn Burden was an English actor and playwright. Burden was the son of […]

Top 10 Richest Politicians In Pakistan In 2017

10. Mian Tariq Mehmood – $6 million Mian Tariq Mehmood is the political personality and a senior parliamentarian. He is become the member of the National Assembly of Pakistan after winning the 2013 general election from Gujranwala. 9. Saeed Ahmed Zafar – $8 million Saeed Ahmed Zafar is the famous politician and the former member […]

Top 10 Richest Nigeria Politicians In 2017

Politics in Nigeria is a dirty game and those who play it are called Politicians. These set of people are rich or wealthy, earning or looting money through the stroke of their signatures. You might want to know who are the richest politicians in Nigeria and their net worth in 2017. Yes 2017!! 10. Ben […]

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