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10 Senior High Schools In Ghana Noted For Producing “Bad Boys” Named

Each SHS in Ghana has their qualities and these are a portion of the schools known for creating awful young men.

In the event that you’re pondering which schools we could discuss, here are 10 senior secondary schools noted for creating the greater part of the terrible young men in Ghana.

10. Pope John Senior High School (POJOBA)
Students from this school are just like their neighbours, Koforidua SecTech, they are notorious for fighting with other schools.
9. Takoradi Senior High School (Tadisco)

Boys from this school look calm till you offend them and they will show you where power lies. They are also known for being truant and hate staying on school premises.

8. Presbyterian Boys Senior High School (Presec)
Although noted for producing brilliant students, they are also well known for being truant, womanizers and notorious.

7. Mfantsipim School.
The “Kwabotwe boys” are well-known womanizers. You don’t dare them with a woman, they will snatch her in a minute.

6. Koforidua SecTech

When we talk about rowdy and stubbornness, this school spells it perfect. If you have a friend who is very stubborn and causes confusion and you ask of the school they attended and they mention this school, those who know the school well will say, “Okay! That’s why”. And when it comes to smoking of weed, you can’t beat them. However, aside all that, they perform well academically too.

5. Adisadel College (Adisco)

They are well known for being rowdy but they still perform to the fullest. At any inter-co sports event, if a fight breaks out anywhere on the field and you don’t find an Adisco student among them, then it wasn’t a fight.

4. Kumasi Secondary Technical School (KSTS).

Another school in close relation to KTI is KSTS and they don’t also know how to back down. When these two clash, all hell breaks loose because they will all want to prove their prowess and it is not an easy thing to witness. KSTS students are also known to hate staying on school premises. When it comes to jumping walls and running home without exeat, count them in.

3. Kumasi Technical Institute (KTI)

Ever been in Kumasi and there’s a serious fight, an old lady passing by without even knowing the situation will tell you, “KTIfuo a, na ebe ye saa adee wei” to wit “only KTI students will do this” and truly when you investigate, you will find out they caused it. You will be surprised to know the extent to which they can go just to be rowdy and cause trouble. They are strong too, maybe because they are a Technical Institute and work with a lot of heavy equipment. They just don’t know how to back down, even if you bring in military men, they will still fight.

2. Tamale Senior High School (Tamasco)

Tamasco is located in the Northern Region of Ghana and when it comes to womanizing, they are number one. It is the most sort after school in the North and so the girls from the other schools just can’t keep their hands off them and so at every inter-co when all the other schools are thriving to win, they will be busy chasing girls.

1. Kumasi Senior High School (Mmerante3)

They are always the champ when ever there is a fight at any inter school gathering. Giving them thousands of Police men yet they will find a way to break and go and fight.



  1. I think KTI is the most notorious school in Ghana even KUMASI high students are afraid of Obouse have been in the first five.

  2. Eric Agyemang Sraha

    Masa we love our school no matter what u say, or how you describe us, we are still the best. KUHIS Truth Conquerors, Mmerante for life.

  3. Why do you have to destroy the image of kumasi high school.Who told you that thousands of policemen are sent to our stands during interco. if you do not know the truth .investigate before you share on social media.a proud abrante3.

  4. Why do you always tarnish the good name of Kumasi Senior High(Kuhis)A Very known best in academics school in Ashanti Region.These boys aint rude anymore

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