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Top Most Hijacked/Stolen Cars In South Africa In 2017

Vehicle tracking company Ctrack has released it hijacking and crime statistics, detailing which passenger vehicles and SUVs  are being targeted by criminals in South Africa. The report is based on data and analytics collected by Ctrack from January through December 2016. According to the report, the most hijacked passenger vehicle in South Africa is the […]

These Are Top 9 Expensive Universities In South Africa In 2017

Whiles thinking of getting enrolled in a University in South Africa, fees per universities keeps rising day in day out. Though some months back, students in some of the Universities embarked on a demonstartion against increment in fees, as it stands now still most of the fees for tertiary education is a much watch. With […]

5 tribes in South Africa you would love to learn their RICH culture

South Africa is among the few African countries which do not JOKE with their culture. Whenever there is a platform, they go all out to represent South Africa. From movies to their music and YES their music videos tells us that no matter how your culture is you would still love to learn about theirs […]

List of ‘not so fine’ South African footballers In 2017 

There is a couple of all the more South African footballers who simply don’t cut it in the charming footie world. World Football can be beautiful to the eye now and again, however a portion of the players are monstrous. LOL. While it absolutely doesn’t make a propensity for judging players by their looks, this […]

4 Things South Africans Need To Leave In 2016

2016 came and is gone!. From the ugly to the bad and YES the good. Though a lot happened last year, as we have entered a new resolution, we need to leave behind some inappropriate habits and move on as a country which that was well crafted by the late Madiba. Below are some of […]

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