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Top 10 Corrupt Politicians of Morocco In 2017

Corruption is a virus that spreads speedily in any state, country or even institutionally. It absorbs in the foundation of structure and weakens the system from the roots. By corruption a nation is destroyed internally, the means of corruption can be the littlest or can be the biggest as open as a farm. In this article we are going to discuss the corrupt politicians of Morocco. Their corruption may not be visible to the nation but it is there in a sense that it is affecting the system of the nation and its regime. Following are the top 10 corrupt politicians of Morocco. Have a look.

10. Miloud Chaabi

Miloud Chaabi was born on 15th of September in year 1930 and died on 16th of April in year 2016; he was a politician and businessman of Morocco whose net worth in 2015 was $800million. He is Ynna Holding founder and hotel chain named Riad Mogado’sr owner plus of group of Aswak Assalam supermarkets too in Morocco. He is in this list of corrupt politicians of Morocco because his name came up in the Panama papers for corruption.

9. Mounir Majidi

Mounir Majidi was born on 19th of January in year 1965; he is a businessman of Morocco. Since 2000 he is personal secretary to King Mohammed VI plus since 2002 president of royal holding, SIGER. He is in addition Maroc Culture’s president, organization at the back Mawazine festival, of FUS (Fath Union Sport) Rabat, of soccer academy of Mohammed VI, and hospital foundation of Cheikh Zaid. He is in this list as his name appeared in Panama papers for corruption.

8.  Aziz Akhannouch

Aziz Akhannouch was born in Tafraout in year 1961; he is a businessman of Berber Morocco plus existing Agriculture Minister since 2007 in cabinet of Abdelilah Benkirane. He is chief executive of Akwa Group, a conglomerate of Morocco mainly active in gas and oil sector. He is in this list of corrupt politicians of Morocco because he somehow defended Jose Bové who was an ex-French politician and was involved in some sort of corruption.
7. Khalid Alioua

Khalid Alioua was born in 1949; he is a politician of Morocco of “Socialist Union of Popular Forces party”. He was Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister in Driss Jettou cabinet from 2002 to 2007 moreover Minister of, Solidarity, Social Development, Employment and Vocational Training plus spokesman of Government in 1st Abderrahman el-Yousfi cabinet from 1998 to 2000. He is in this list because he took advantages of bank benefits by utilizing his power of the seat.

6. Karim Zaz

Karim Zaz was born in Meknes on 2nd of December in year 1965 and brought up in Casablanca; he is industrialist plus head of sector of telecommunications and information technology. He has dual nationality, French and Moroccan. For over 10 years, he was CEO and Chairman of Wana Corporate telecommunication operator, now named Inwi , he is the founder of this company. He is in this list due to stealing international calls.

5. Rafik Haddaoui

Rafik Haddaoui is another ex-Moroccan politician, who was CNSS (Social Security Office) director from year 1995 to 2001. A case was place in opposition to him in “Court of Appeal of Casablanca” and he was sentenced 4 years of prison. He is in this list because he wasted the public funds on other purposes other than on public matters.

4. Asma Chaabi

Asma Chaabi was born in Kenitra in year 1962 in Morocco, she is a politician of Morocco. An affiliate of “Party of Progress and Socialism”, she is 1st woman ever selected as mayor in history of Morocco. She is the mayor of Essaouira city since year 2003. She is in this list of corrupt politicians of Morocco as she has some allegations on her side of illegal properties.
3. Mustapha Mansouri

Mustapha Mansouri was born in Nador on 22nd of August in year 1953, Morocco; he was “Employment and Vocational Training” ex-Minister. He is in this list due to his corruption in his course of ministry inside his department.

2. Aziz Rabbah

Aziz Rabbah was born in Sidi Kacem in year 1962, Morocco, he is a politician of Morocco from “Justice and Development Party”. On 3rd of January in year 2012, he turned into Transportation and equipment Minister in government of Abdelilah Benkirane. He is in this list of corrupt politicians of Morocco because he got named in Wikileaks.

1. King Mohammed VI

Mohammed VI was born on 21st of August in year 1963; he is the Morocco’s King. He was given throne on 23rd of July in year 1999 after the passing of King Hassan II, his father. He is in this list of top 10 corrupt politicians of Morocco because of the scandal of HSBC bank, in which his name came among the 100 persons/clients of the bank when some files stolen from the bank and afterwards his name came up according to the files when released publically.

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