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Top 10 Richest People in Afghanistan In 2017

8. Aziz Hotak

Business: Second ruler of the Ghilzai Hotaki dynasty of Kandahar

He was born in a very famous and rich family in the Kandahar area. He is the son of Salim Khan and Nazo Tokhi, grandson of Karum Khan and great grandson of Ismail Khan.

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  1. Rahim safi has feild to manage business he started specially Safi Airways Airline is suspended by his brother Hazrat Safi as he damaged Airline business and skipped from Afghanistan,The main issue is that he took loans from AUB & AZIZI Banks as well as didn’t payer 5 months staff salaries which is 800,000 USD , His brother and his father requested employees to help them and accept on 50% of salaries as company is down also chairman has been skipped, Employees doesn’t accepted as they are all poor people and they spend long time working without food and water for this company but still Safi Group refused to pay them pending salaries.

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